Senior Citizen Traveling Abroad - Things to keep in Mind

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The market for outbound Indian senior citizens is projected to grow significantly from 1.3 million to over 7.3 million over the next 15 years.
Many Senior Citizens regularly travel abroad to visit their children and grandchildren.

Generally the process of obtaining visas is less cumbersome for senior citizens. Usually senior citizens are given priority, not asked to wait in lines etc. Senior Citizen can get 10 years multiple entry visa for USA.

Health Insurance
Check to seek if your current insurance covers you while travelling outside india. If not, you may have to buy temporary health insurance in the country you are travelling. Take your medications, doctors prescriptions and list of doctor emergency contact with you. If going for long duration, you should be able to take 3-6 month supply of your medicines as long as you have a doctors notes about your health and prescription information.

Check the weather and make sure to take proper clothing with you.

Porter/wheelchair assistance
Airports provides wheelchair assistance. If you trouble walking make sure to talk wheelchair assistance. An assistant would take you to your plane seat and on landing from your plane seat all the way from visa/customs, baggage and out. One benefit of wheelchair is that you dont have to stand in lines and are giving priority in baggage claims, customs, etc

special dietary needs
While travelling, do mention to your airline or travel agent if you have special dietary needs. Most cities in us, uk, australia have indian restaurants
and indian grocery stores.

On- trip medical assistance

On- trip assistance
While travelling, if you have any quesions, feel free to ask your people around you. If language is a barrier, you can always ask for help, people are usually very helpful. Usually you will have fellow citizens travelling with you, most of them are always willing to help out whether to pull your bags out of baggage claim or how to fill the customs form or directing you to customs line.

Elder friendly hotel accommodation and sightseeing
Most countries like US, UK are senior citizen friendly providing wheel chair access, reduced charges for senior citizens for museums, travel - bus, airline etc. Make sure to ask if there are special rates for senior citizens.

easy access vehicles/transport
Again most public transport in us, europe, australia is senior citizen friendly.

Are you a senior citizen who has travelled abroad, give us your suggestions and tips that will make senior citizens trips easier. How do you spent time when visiting relatives abroad.


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