Cataract and Cataract Surgery for Elderly and Senior Citizens

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Cataract - Motiya bind in hindi is cloudiness of eye lens resulting in low vision.

Most cataracts are related to aging. It can be corrected by surgery by replacing the eye lens. Generally the surgery is conducted on seniors over 60 years of age.

The cost of surgery varies. One of the cost factor is the the lens cost. It can range from Rs 6000 to Rs 35000. Some hospitals conduct this surgery at a nominal cost.

The operation usually lasts 15 minutes and the recovery time is 7 - 20 days where special precautions are needed to prevent any exposure to eye such as avoiding head baths etc.

Consult your eye doctor for exam to see if you need cataract surgery.

Have you had cataract surgery, tell us about your experience.



Posted on 15-Dec-2016
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Posted on 15-Dec-2016
adress Aurangabad

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