Securing Homes for Senior Citizens Safety and accessibility

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Securing Homes for Senior Citizens Safety

One of the main health concerns of elderly people is falling, slipping or injuring themselves on sharp corners.
Pay attention to the following areas in the house and secure them to improve injury risk and accessibility remove or avoid safety hazards 
It is a lot easier if these things are put in place as you are designing you home keeping in mind that you would be living there when you grow old.

Overall accessibility
  • Have level access out to garage and the street. no thresholds at the doors for wheelchair access, wider doors, circulation around the doors
  •  Doors 
  • Stair cases 
  • Remove sharp object - Tables, chairs with sharp corners 
  • Objects that can cause to slip - like carpets, phone cords, electric cords 
  • Clean water spills
  • Passages Lighting - improve lighting both indoors and outdoors especially on passages and staircases 
  • Place a lamp within easy reach of your bed 
  •  Acoustics -  
  • move frequently used items to make them easier to reach 
  • install handrails and grab bars 

  • Use bathrobes inorder to  dress outside bathrooms to prevent slipping in the bathroom while  dressing
 Video Cameras/CCTV
  • Install video Cameras/CCTV to monitor care givers
  • There are a very cheap security cameras available to monitor indoor nd outdoor environments. You would need connection to power and internet for the security camera. Then you and your family members (who have been given access to the camera) can monitor the activity on your mobile app whether when you are at home or millions of miles away in a foreign country.


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