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119, Street No: 4, Rajinder Nagar

Phone No: 0135 2758106
Email: uvnks@rediffmail.com

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Business Description

UTTARKHAND VARISHTH NAGRIK KALYAN SAMITI - The broad aims and objectives of UVNKS are appended below: To form a common platform of the elder people and to highlight their grievances and redressal thereof.
To fight for the right of the elders. To provide the elder, physical, medical, emotional, psychological and psychiatric support on self-help and group basis.
To awaken awareness amongst the elders about the various government and non-government schemes for assistance, service and welfare of the fellow citizens specially the elder people. To make use of the skills, capabilities and potentialities of the elders through their knowledge bank and long experience for productive inputs for the welfare of the society.
To inculcate among the children and the younger generation in the age-old Indian Tradition of giving respect to the elder people.
To develop social and cultural co-operation.
To celebrate various festivals on a common platform.
To receive donations, funds and other receipts in kind undertaking the various aim and objectives of the UVNKS.
To start different schemes, programmes and projects to help the senior citizens.
To organize programmes to raise/collect funds needed for different schemes, projects for the aid and assistance to the deserving senior citizens.
To convene meetings, seminars and debates to fight against social evils.

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