Senior Citizens and CoronaVirus

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Category - Senior Citizen Health and Healthy Living

Senior Citizens are more susceptible to CoronaVirus also known as Covid 19.

They need to take extra precautions than younger people.

Vaccines and Medicines - Now Vaccines are available for Covid-19. Senior Citizens should get Vaccinated as soon as possible. There is still the possibility to get a breakthrough infections in certain cases. So precautions should be taken even after getting vaccinated. Some people with low immnunity may not develop anti-bodies, so consult your doctor and ask for their guidance.

Quarantine at Home - No travel especially international travel. Once most of the world gets vaccinated and achieves herd immunity.

Masks - Use masks whenever interacting with people outside your home. Preferably double masking.

Social distancing - Maintain a distance of at-least 6 feet away. Do not touch others.

Hygiene - User of Sanitizer, Practices regular hand washing.

Other relatives should be careful exposing their senior family members to virus.

Social Media - It can get lonely quarantining at home. Use social media, video calls etc to connect with friends
and family. Do keep in mind, that information on social media accounts may not be accurate. Either verify with
reputable sources esp multiple sources or consult experts like Doctors you trust for medical advice.

Meditation and Yoga - Practice Meditation, yoga or other hobbies to avoid stress. Unplug from social media and take time off from news and focus on your well being.


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