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Nov 12 2014 04:09 AM

Author: Kanan j
Subject: Care for Elderly ?
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How do you take care of your parents when they get older?
Do you have them live with you?
Jul 24 2017 12:11 AM

Author: Bhavana M
Re: Care for Elderly ?
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Hi Kanan j

I Hope you find the below information useful!

CareOf provide elderly homecare services for the aging parents of children who are away from home. CareOf not only take care of the daily needs of our parents but also provide preventive care.

The services Care Of provides include:-

- Doctor's home visit - once / month - Their enlisted doctor will visit client's parents' residence once every month for a regular health check-up.

- Tele-assistance in making appointments - They will telephonically assist the elderly in booking appointments with expert doctors, hospitals, etc., whenever required.

- Weekly calls to assess well-being - A trained CareOf executive will call to check up on client's parents' well-being, health and other essential daily needs.

- Medication management – Their executives will assist the seniors get organised with all their medication. SMS reminder 15 mins before medicine consumption.

- Home delivery of medicines - Get a 15% discount on these purchases every time.

- Pathology tests at home - Have a trained paramedic come over to their parents' residence and conduct pathology tests for them in their comfort zone.

- 24/7 ambulance assurance – They have multiple ambulance providers empanelled to ensure that an ambulance reaches their parents within the shortest time.

- 24/7 emergency physical assistance – Their home-care executive will reach their pa

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